Fine handmade terrazzo stone bath ware
  • Bathtub drain and machined coupling 1 1/2 PVC adapter

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    Drains by Oceanstone easy install just screw in from the inside 

    Step 1
    For this drain system, plumb your rough plumbing  drain pipe with 1 1/2 " PVC
    stub up 5" above floor grade, leave space around stub up in case you need to cut below grade.

    Step 2
    When your terrazzo stone bathtub arrives, measure inside tub drain hole to floor deduct for your fitting adapters, coupling, FA adapter, and Oceanstone pop-up drain tailpiece. (note) then add 1/2 " for threading flip Drain into FA Adapter 

    (Important Note) the PVC coupling adapter supplied has been re-machined on one side only to fit NPS treads on the Oceanstone drain tailpiece

    Step 3 
    Mark guidelines on the floor with tape or marker where the drain hole is located. Move bathtub over the drain hole pipe and install your drain in the bathtub. Use the supplied gasket or you can use silicone or plumbers putty to safeguard against leaks. Perform a water leak test before filling the bathtub full.

    Step 4
    Fill in space around the drain with Mapei unsanded grout to match the color of the bathtub (product available Lowes and Home Depot