Fine handmade terrazzo stone bath ware


Q: What is the best way to apply the Stone Sealer products? 

A: The best way to apply all of the above natural stone sealants is to put the sealer on to a white Re-apply using the same procedure and then remove the excess. The polymer in the sealant will cure in approximately 24 hours at 60 deg F. After curing place a small droplet of water on the marble, granite, slate or limestone surface to check that it beads up and this will indicate that the sealant has satisfactorily cured. 

Q: What is the life expectancy of Sealers and Enhancers? 

A: The life expectancy of most stone sealers is 2-3 years under normal conditions, but the life expectancy of stone enhancers is significantly less because they are topical coatings and they are worn away by both physical abrasion and weather erosion. As a result stone enhancers will wear away faster than stone sealers particularly in high traffic areas.