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We are 100 % confident our  Handmade Fine Terrazzo Products feel and look more natural. (Mother Earth Made Product)

"Best of all!  Our pricing will beat all the others in our class period"

Guarantee see Guarantee 
We are passionate about our Terrazzo Stone Products
For starters, NO acrylic resins.... Oceanstone is not a poured in place product or made from a cast mold.
It looks and feels more natural, being handmade is our secret ingredient that makes the Oceanstone Collection stand alone from others.  

Color Information

Oceanstone color pallet consists of black, bronze, gray and white. Please note that all Oceanstone's white color bathtubs and sinks have an off-white aggregate in the Terrazzo 

Custom color can be ordered for any of Oceanstone's products.


Is terrazzo durable?
DurabilityTerrazzo is one of the most durable materials available today. Once sealed properly, the material is impervious to water and stain damage. It also does not chip away like other materials

Artisan Crafted by Hand 
Oceanstone products are handcrafted from the beginning to the final polishing process. Over 100 man-hours to make one beautiful Oceastone bath product
The pure solid 100 % Terrazzo is recycled material. It often contains leftover granite and marble chips from stone processing plants. The Terrazzo mix contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), eliminating off-gassing in its manufacture according to the National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association. For U.S. designers and architects, this gives Terrazzo a smaller carbon footprint than comparative materials. Customers will experience a warm natural soft stone-like surface texture in a Natural Terrazzo Soaking Bath. The product has thousands of years of tested performance. See the history of Terrazzo. History of Terrazzo
There's an extreme difference in texture vs the Oceanstone Terrazzo Stone Surface and the Acrylic Resin Stone hybrid surface bath products made. We believe our Terrazzo products feels like a smooth Ocean Stone or a very smooth River Rock, unlike an Acrylic Resin and cast Polymer product.

Terrazzo Stone Bathtub  vs  Acrylic Resin Bathtub (China)

Health Effects of Acrylic Resin Bathtubs see below

Oceanstone's World Class Terrazzo Bath Products are pure Terrazzo. Oceanstone's products will not yellow unlike the Acrylic Resin Solid Surface Bath Products over time,  also known as (Yellow Tub Syndrome) in the Trade. Ultraviolet light rays cause's this yellowing.

Oceanstone's Collection of Terrazzo Bathtubs will soothe and relax your body when fully immersed in deep warm water. 

Customers will experience a warm natural soft stone-like surface texture in an Oceanstone natural Terrazzo soaking bath.  

There's an extreme difference in texture Vs the Oceanstone Terrazzo Stone Surface and the Acrylic Resin surface bath products made in China.

Oceanstone's Terrazzo Stone Bath Collection is our Flagship product (Manufacturing High-end Resort Style Bath Fixtures)

Don't be misled by products stating Solid Surface Bathtubs they are most likely made of inferior Resin products  such as Acrylic Resin import from China

Always look at the specification of the Bath products before purchasing an item.

Oceanstone's Terrazzo Bath Products are Green, 100% Handmade Terrazzo 

For architects and builders seeking products that will minimize environmental impact, Terrazzo has proven to be a dream material. Terrazzo products offer a host of Eco-friendly benefits.

For starters, Terrazzo is recycled material. It often contains recycled glass or leftover granite and marble chips from stone processing plants. The Terrazzo mix contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), eliminating off-gassing in its manufacture according to the National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association. For U.S. designers and architects, this gives terrazzo a smaller carbon footprint than comparative materials.

The material's longevity also contributes to its green properties. Terrazzo can easily last the life of a building, virtually eliminating the need to replace it and create additional waste. 

Thanks to all these qualities, Terrazzo can help builders and architects attain credits under the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED rating system. Such credits are provided for efforts such as building reuse, use of recycled content and/or local regional materials, construction waste management, reduction of indoor emitting materials, and use of innovative design.

Not only is Terrazzo loaded with environmental characteristics, but it's rich in its color capabilities, too, allowing for the creation of elaborate works of art. Terrazzo is excellent for multicolored can be pigmented, like paint, to achieve an unlimited spectrum of colors. The color is permanent, too, and will last the life of the Bathtub or sink without fading, and it can accommodate a wide variety of richly colored aggregates, including chips of marble or granite, recycled glass, mother of pearl and various synthetic materials. When revealed by polishing, the aggregates provide their own symphony of color accents.

Acrylic Resin Bathtubs  Not Green 

Plastic Pollution Encyclopedia Britannica

Acrylate monomers used to form acrylate polymers are based on the structure of acrylic acid, which consists of a vinyl group and a carboxylic acid terminus. Other typical acrylate monomers are derivatives of acrylic acid, such as methyl methacrylate in which one vinyl hydrogen and the carboxylic acid hydrogen are both replaced by methyl groups, and Volatile Organic Compounds in which the carboxylic acid group is replaced by the related nitrile group.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Acrylic resin Bathtubs From China 

What are the health effects of VOC exposure? 

Health Effects of Acrylic Resin

The risk of health effects from inhaling any chemical depends on how much is in the air, how long and how often a

person breathes it in. Scientists look at short-term (acute) exposures as hours to days or long-term (chronic)

exposures as years to even lifetime.

Breathing low levels of VOCs for long periods of time may increase some people’s risk of health problems. Several

studies suggest that exposure to VOCs may make symptoms worse in people who have asthma or are particularly

sensitive to chemicals. These are many different exposures than occupational exposures to VOCs.

VOCs refer to a group of chemicals. Each chemical has its own toxicity and potential for causing different health

effects. Common symptoms of exposure to VOCs include:

Short-Term (Acute) to high levels of VOCs

 Eye, nose and throat irritation

 Headaches

 Nausea / Vomiting

 Dizziness

 Worsening of asthma symptoms

Long-Term (Chronic) to high levels of VOCs

Increased risk of:

 Cancer

 Liver damage

 Kidney damage

 Central Nervous System Damage